Monday, July 29, 2013

Neo's Existence

   As the matrix said there is the One can free all of us! And there is Trinity n Morpheus and all the other characters and what happens normally when you see any such kind of a movie that you try to fit yourself in it as any of the character and according to that character you tend to see others as well what role they play in your life. Who is who in your life!!!
  The Yoga Vasishtha say the One is a seeker. The One who does this and that is the strength to free Himself. Once free His choice to whether get peace in the society or bring chaos!!! This choice is what makes Him great! But the irony of the situation is that each and every one of us are Neo's in their own life and he/she treats the whole world according to what he/she perceive. That's what the power of mind.
  As the Yoga Vasishtha say what is "Jagat". It is one of the attributes of the power of the mind and the consciousness. It has the power to create an entire existence on its own, own World. Each and everything in this creation is created by this power of the mind. Jagat literally means World. The consciousness creates this Jagat according to what it perceives. The world is the projection of this perception of an individual mind. Consciousness!!!
  Its Neo's World out there!!! Every Neo 8-)

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


In life how many times are we grateful to the Divine for giving us whatever we have? Believing in the fact that the Divine is taking care of all the needs is the major factor in one's development but to be grateful for that is the most amazing experience ever!!! When there is a turmoil in the mind and there are lots of things bothering you!!! Be grateful that atleast you are able to see your mind. Most of people dont even realise that there is a turmoil in the mind. They just keep on repeating the same things over and over again but still there is no craving to be free from it!!! Strange but true!!!
The moment you find the answer to the thing which has been the disturbing factor the mind just calms down and a new zeal is produced to fight with the problem!!! Solutions come to those who keep on asking themselves!!! What does it need to be free!!! All the answer are there in an individual consciousness! All you need to do is ask the right question??? Just by observing the thoughts you will find your answer!!!

Sunday, November 13, 2011


I was just thinking that why are people so lazy!!! Or not able to sincere to themselves??? Well the difference between being lazy and at ease is When there is something important to do but not doing it is Laziness but when you finish some important thing then you are at ease. So why are people lazy??? Because they are not sincere towards themselves... Sincerity brings a sense of responsibility towards ones own self. That you are responsible for the well being of yourself.
The whole point is how to be sincere??? The first thing to do is to drop laziness... Sit with yourself and let your thought process run wild... Think what all would happen if your laziness has reached your end... It is your end!!! Isn't it??? Brainstorm on the subject of all other possibilities of how to trick the mind out of laziness. You should find the answers within you as there is everything available to you!!! All the solutions and answers!!!
BE SINCERE to Yourself... 1 Line Intro Talk = Being Sincere to yourself is the Art of Living!!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Evolution!!! What is this evolution? There is Darwin's theory of evolution that we evolved from apes. Then why didnt the other species? Who is the one evolving? Is it the Physical body, The Mind or the Consciousness? Are we still Evolving or its done? There are many such questions in the mind which needs answering. What do u actually mean by Evolution or evolving? If you see the Stone age. In that age humans were wandering the deserts, forest as tribals having different tribal way. No sign of communication or anything. Nothing to write or even read. Then slowly we developed a sign language and then drawings and sound. Slowly the Consciousness trained itself to develop a language. Differently in different places all over the globe. The physical body was the same but the consciousness evolved...
What about now!!! Has the evolution has stopped or is it still on???? There is this intriguing question which led to this realization that it is still on... Each and every individual consciousness is evolving by learning from past mistakes and not doing them again, the level of awareness decides how much a conscious mind has evolved. More the awareness faster is the evolution... Some people call it growth, others by many different terminology.
Life is going on as it was going on back in the stone age. And the evolution has now come to the nuclear age. and way further to go. each and every individual learns from the present. Awareness plays a very important part in it. A player understands his own mistakes and evolves into a better performer every time and again. Practice with awareness is the key to success. Evolution is a never ending process in the life of an individual consciousness. May it be Human or any other living organism. Animals evolve from their mistakes and that particular consciousness chooses a higher birth according to the information it has. Or impressions should I say. This is Evolution. Every individula consciousness wants to get higher and higher in the chain. This want/Craving itself leads to evolution. This rule applies to corporate offices as well. You evolve into getting yourself promoted minus the politics.... :-P
The individual who is striving for the higher good is always happy and evolves faster than every other individual... This is Evolution!!!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Drishti (Vision)

Each and every human being has his/her own way to look at things. This way is called Drishti. Observing people around me i have noticed that even when you are not supposed to talk or even look at people. Then to the mind doesn't let you do it. There is this tendency observed to look around and run around in the outside world. Lot of different type of people have their own different ways and different perception about the same things or situation. Pick up any situation and you will find out that there are people who are adverse to it and who are for it.
For any event to happen there is a prerequisite. What is it??? An Individual who is expressing and another resisting or responding or reacting... Basically its all cause and effect. If you take a look at your own mind you will notice that you look at each and everything the way you have been looking. that time there is no observer who is observing what you are perceiving. The more deep you go in your own Practice the more keen observation happens. Of your own Mind as well as the Situation. The first observer observers the situation according to what He/She is trained since a long time (Lifetimes) the second one exists but not awake in most of Us!!!! Who observes the same situation as a third person. To have this Drishti one has to awaken these observers who are inside each and every one of us.
There is one more tendency observed. For no Rhyme or Reason tend to judge people, to know what are people up to so that they can share some stupid gossip with their friends who are as useless as the one who does it. Many people defend and justify this but at the end its a futile exercise as there is nothing in this world which can give you that satisfaction which comes from looking inside ones own Self. It a 1000 Channel television set which has all kinds of Channels... Creative ones, educational ones, Emotional ones, etc etc... And while observing this slowly slowly one becomes bored of the individual mind also!!! Its the journey which is like this. Each and everything looses the Rasa(juice) Till then this futile exercise is on. So improving your Drishti is what is necessary and which comes through practice... So keep on Practicing!!!
Comments are invited!!! Till then Take Care :-)

Friday, March 4, 2011


Sorry for such a long gap as the last few months have been really busy... So Labels!!!!

As the topic name says Labels... What is the first things which comes to your mind??? Just sit back relax and give it a thought... Observe the thoughts and the patterns... The thing which i realized is that most of the people cant live without labeling others... They have to put some label to each and every person and then behave with them in a certain way!!! without that they cant survive!!! Accepting people as they are is a very good concept for them!!! Strangely the same concept which is made up by their own label of themselves tells them that they have accepted people as they are... But the process of labeling continues... IS this ACCEPTANCE!!!!
Everybody wants a life without problems and trouble and this same desire brings more problems and trouble... With experience you learn that whether there are problems or smooth life Living happily is the most important thing... That is the Art of Living!!! :-)
Life is a mix of good things, bad things, pleasure, non favorable conditions and all the things which most of us go through... Smiling through all of these situations is Living... It can happen only when this process of Labeling stops... Each and every individual is unique and nobody can categorize people into different groups but people do that, and their happiness depends on the presence of that particular group of Labelled people...
Same thing goes for oneself also... Labeling yourself is also the same process... Which increases Arrogance or can lead you to inferiority complex... and a long list of diseases!!! Labeling people lead you lot more things than labeling yourself... basically through Observation this realization has dawned that this tendency to Label (Whether people or yourself) leads one towards Maya or Material life... The journey inwards cannot start till one transcends this level... Or rather this tendency itself is Maya!!! which holds one or binds one to this world!!!
There is a lot more to this!!! As it unfolds I shall keep Posting it!!! Till then!!!
Adios!!! :-)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Steps of a Staircase

There has been a lot of inquiry about are you a ladder or a staircase... Inside me that is!!! and pondering over these questions what i found out that if you have to be a staircase you have to grounded in knowledge!!! but for that to happen first you need to relax, calm down... bring your mind to the present moment... Become happy and then explore!!! without a calm state of mind nothing can be achieved!!!!
All of you must be wondering what in the world am I talking about!!! Take few mins out of your busy schedule and think about this... What is a difference between a ladder and a staircase!!! Well this is a unique way our mind understands anything... by giving simple examples related to day to day things... A ladder only appears to be attached to its destination but its not. one small push and voila it falls down... whereas a staircase is permanently attached to its destination. only an earthquake can bring it down... or if you demolish it... another thing is its very difficult to climb a ladder and not very smooth journey up as well as down but its not the same with a staircase... going up and down is very easy...
Taking this example and applying it to our life... Be like a staircase not a ladder... which means no matter how many wrongs or rights you face on the path, keep your focus at the end or rather the GOAL... A ladder falls of if shaken... Many events will come to your life to shake you and the Master will let them come just to let you know what you are... If such events will shake you then know that you are a ladder... There are many people in this world who play it dirty... If that shakes you off your focus or your sankalp... then you've lost your connection... Don't be sad if you've realised that you are a ladder and don't be too happy if you think you're a staircase... hehehehe!!! Cuz if you are stuck in any of these then you are bound to the ladder... remember that whether its a ladder or a staircase you don't relax on it... Same way on the Path If you are thrown off by people and their behavior or any other politics then you are off... No matter what happens in the organisation keeping your focus on the Master and His words is the wise thing to do... Becoming a Staircase... Having that unshakable faith... Then to an escalator and then to a LIFT!!! Heeheehehehe ... Now you only find out what are these!!!!!!!! :-)